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Stunning Hairstyle Ideas Perfect For Brides 2023 | 新娘发型

W hen the bride walks down the aisle, all the guests often get so caught up in the details of her special hair and makeup. Looking for a stunning hairstyle inspiration, in an effort to look like the most naturally beautiful version of themselves, becomes the most top question all the brides have. There are already tons of different hairstyles online that are provided to choose from, but which of them that could really perform perfectly on yourself? Here are some inspirations that may help, but never forget to discuss with your stylist!




Updo is definitely the epitome of elegance. Showing the beautiful curves of neck and shoulder, radiates retro glamour. The high updo makes you look chic and sweet, while a low updo gives you a bit more elegant and soft elements.



A simple low ponytail shows a slightly more pared-back vibe, give off an effortless and easy feel.You can add a touch of romance to your whole look by pinning a bit blooms to the tails for decorations. Some details like hairpieces or fresh greenery will definitely be the finishing touch to your bridal look. Turning into a fishtail could make it even more special.



Seeking for a balance between sophisticated and simple, but still elegant and romantic? Half- up and half- down will definitely be the perfect answer! It gives off a classic and ethereal feel, keep your hairstyle look natural and sweet.

如果不想将头发全部挽起,也不想太随意全披发,那么Half-up half-down半披发造型绝对是首选~喜欢走气质路线的话,可以尝试简约的直发,清纯不浮夸; 带卷的半披发更凸显整个人的精致度,甜美又温柔,搭配上合适的饰品,氛围感立刻上来。

Curls 卷发

Curls and waves are never outdated, like Hollywood waves, beach waves, S- waves and so on, definitely the top choices you should really put into the list. let the curls flow with the wind, giving an effortless and free vibe. Natural curls perfectly shows the texture and brightness of your hair, leaving voluminous feeling. Adding a few rogue tendrils to frame your features, keep you look stunning and effortless.

卷发造型可以分得种类更多了,水波纹,芭比卷,Hollywood waves,漂亮的卷发在光线下能完美地展现头发光泽质感,慵懒的微卷不仅能修饰脸型,还能让人看起来自然又大方,妥妥的小洋娃娃。

French Pinned Side 侧分

There is also a trend that popular in the wedding these year—French side. Create an elegant and natural vibe by pinning a hairpiece to the side of your hair.



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