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St. Regis | 美东结婚圣地推荐 (三)

T he St. Regis has always been the most popular wedding venue for many couples because of its magnificent and elegant decor, opulent and romantic southern resort-style design, and other special features. Whether you want a small intimate wedding or a more luxurious grand wedding, you can get it here.

St. Regis一直是许多人心里绝对首选的婚礼场地———精致且优雅的装潢,奢华浪漫的南方度假风设计,每一个细节都让这里变成独一无二的梦中婚礼场地。无论是想要亲密的小型婚礼,还是更向往奢华的盛大婚礼,在这里都能得到满足。

Grand Terrace is certainly the most iconic design of St. Regis, with its bright yellow striped elements and lush green trees, and an elegant southern resort feels soothing. Palm trees are planted around the waterfall, white lounge chairs surround the central open-air pool, and when the sun shines, even the air is fresh and sweet.

Grand Terrace一定是St. Regis最具有代表性的设计,浅褐色的墙面跳跃出俏皮的明黄色条纹元素,点缀上葱郁的绿色树丛,优雅慵懒的南部度假风情扑面而来。瀑布周围精心栽种了棕榈树,白色躺椅围绕着中心的露天泳池,当阳光照射下来的时候,连空气里都弥漫着慵懒惬意的氛围。电影版的场景打造,随便一拍就非常出片!

St.Regis also provides creative lighting, floral arrangements, music, and fine catering, each guest will be impressed by the exquisite and elegant. It must be the happiest and most dreamy thing to dream of making vows in this garden.


Modern decor, beautiful lighting design, and creative floral design and arrangement services make it easy to turn dinner into a dream feast. St.Regis will also provide the best five-star quality food, and every ingredient is trusted for its freshness

Maisonette,现代风格的装修,漂亮的灯光设计非常好出片,酒店提供创意花卉的设计和安排服务,很轻松地就可以把晚餐打造成梦幻的盛筵。St.Regis 还会提供最出色的五星级水准餐饮,每一份食材的新鲜度都值得信赖~

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