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Pretty Place | 全美最浪漫的教堂婚礼盘点(二)|美国婚礼

F red W. Symmes Chapel (also known as "Pretty Place" because of its amazing view). When we conduct Internet research to preview this famous location, we are already amazed by the images, but when we are actually in the scene, the beauty of nature still deeply astounds us.


The high mountain air is slightly cold to the touch, and the picture in the cloud is like a natural filter to the lens. When the first light of the day shines through the clouds, everything seems unreal, the warm light over the church, sacred and solemn. What could be more perfect than that?


The perfect ratio creates a frame-like view frame, making every scene so beautiful like frames from the movies.


If you also like romantic, private intimate weddings, such a dreamlike place must be the top choice!


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