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Holy Vietnamese Martyrs Catholic Church | 全美最浪漫的教堂婚礼盘点(一)|美国婚礼

S tanding on top of a hill, the building's steeple extends toward its heaven. The exterior of the church combines aspects of the Vietnamese church and the classic Catholic cross church with the distinctive features of Vietnamese and Asian culture. Instead of pursuing a sense of design, the church pays more attention to the shaping of cultural elements.


The most iconic feature of the entire church, the 15.5-foot-high cross is hung in the middle. When the couple stood side by side, the solemn ceremony began. Under the blessing of God, solemn vow promises to each other.


The glittering tiles at the bottom of the church are its most stunning feature. The entire church is illuminated by the heavenly light that enters from the window above it, and is refracted by the mirror-like tiles.


Simplicity, but elegant———This philosophy runs through the style of the church.


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