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Gorgeous Wedding Hair Color Trends For Brides to Consider | 新娘发色推荐

" S hould I dye my hair for the wedding?" Probably this is one of the most asked questions a wedding makeup artist gets. I'll provide as many details as I can in the hopes that they may be helpful.

When creating sophisticated hairstyles or updos, lighter hair color gives a look effortless and bright vision, with clear texture and layers. For a traditional Chinese wedding, keeping your original dark color will be absolutely perfect.

“我是不是需要染发呢?”大概是一个婚礼化妆师被问到最多的问题之一了吧。今天就详细来解答一下。 其实为了在婚礼上成为艳压四方的绝美新娘,我们还是蛮建议各位小仙女们去染发!当然,如果喜欢保持自然呈现真实的自己,那黑发也可以有惊艳的造型~



How to Choose 发色选择:

Considering your skin tone before deciding on your hair color by making certain observations will always be a wise move. Girls with warm or dark skin can select warm hues like caramel and light brown, while those with pale skin can go for ash brown and dark brown. 在选择发色的时候,可以观察一下自己的肤色,根据肤色选择合适自己的发色。皮肤偏黄的女孩们可以选择偏暖色的焦糖棕,卡其棕;皮肤比较白的女孩们可以选择冷色的青灰棕,冷棕色。

It is important to keep in mind that if you want to select a color that significantly differs from your natural hair color, it is advisable to select one that you have already colored and get the stylist's opinion before dyeing it.


In addition to the aforementioned, highlights is also a good choice, creating more texture and more lovely styling looks! 除了以上这些,挑染也是非常推荐的选择~挑染在更大程度上展现发型的线条质感,做造型时可能会出现意想不到的美丽效果!

When to Dye 染发时间:

We recommend to color your hair one to two weeks prior to the wedding so that the color will show its best, and also give chance to make adjustments if necessary.  It's preferable to try new color six months before you decide to try it. 确认了要染的颜色后就可以把染发提上日程啦。一般建议在婚礼前一到两周进行染发,这样能让发色在婚礼上刚好呈现最好的状态,避免出现染太早长出新发要补色的情况,也不会出现发色不满意来不及调整的情况。最后就是像前面说的,如果要试一些没试过的浅色最好在六个月前试染一下喔~

Timeline of Hair Care 婚礼前头发护理时间线及注意事项:

  • Choose the right hair mask or essential oil for you and begin caring for your hair a month in advance.


  • Prepare by dying your hair one to two weeks prior.


  • try to avoid making many changes to your hair care routine in the coming days. No more products, always get the advice of a stylist before making any changes.


  • To avoid having hair that is too oily or slippery to do style, on the night before the wedding, try not to use any conditioner. It is recommended to wash your hair the morning of the wedding, making hair more volumized.




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