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Callanwolde Art Center |美国东部结婚圣地推荐(二)

C harles Howard Candler, President of The Coca-Cola Company, built Callanwolde. The building is composed of solid limestone, and the Tudor design can be seen in every little detail.

Callanwolde Fine Arts Center是由曾经的可口可乐公司总裁建造的,并被列入美国国家历史遗迹名录。坚固的石灰石堆砌而成的建筑里,每一处细节都喧嚣着浓浓的都铎式建筑风格。花园里绿意盎然,涌动的喷泉在阳光下闪着雾状的光。

The wedding place was beautifully set up. Beautiful flower bouquets and teacups made of porcelain that reflected Chinese culture were set. It brings amazing effect when two beautiful culture meets each other.

在我们都迷失在这场典雅的视觉盛宴时,布置好的婚礼现场又让我们眼前一亮: 精心设计的鲜花设计,复古典雅的中式敬茶杯,让这场东方与西方文明碰撞的婚礼,意料地迸射出的绮丽醉人的复古色彩。

That day, when we walked to the window, I pressed the shutter at the moment when the bride looked back. when the sun gently hit her side face, I can't help but wonder what kind of happiness can make her smile shine like this.


Every stride they took up the crimson velvet-carpeted walnut stairs was a declaration of their unwavering devotion to one another.


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